10,000 hours of unique experience condensed into webinar format

10,000 hours of unique experience condensed into webinar format

In his 2008 book, Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell popularised the idea that it takes 10,000 hours of practice or experience in a given subject to become an expert.

Whether you are a rock star or a rocket scientist, Gladwell drew on a number of studies which have made a direct connection between the amount of experience you have and your expertise in a subject.

Simple enough, perhaps, but the challenge you face is clearly the fact that you don’t have the luxury of 10,000 hours to devote to getting to grips with a new field.

The good news is, now you don’t have to.

The Oil and Gas Fundamentals team has hand-picked industry experts to lead the introductory courses featured on this site who have developed this expertise over the course of decades in the industry to help you cut through the clutter and understand the essentials of their specialist subjects in the fastest time possible.

What’s more, each of the trainers we have selected has not only acquired 10,000 hours of experience on the front line, actually doing the work you want to learn about, but they have also acquired a further 10,000 hours of experience in educating audiences large and small on the essentials of their specialist areas, whether it be through training, coaching or mentoring during the course of their careers.

So by registering for an Oil and Gas Fundamentals course, you get the unique benefit of accessing genuine experts in both their chosen fields, and in the training of those same subjects, all without leaving your desk.

  • Becoming an expert in a new subject takes time few can afford to spend in today’s business climate
  • Learning from those who have already mastered a subject is the fastest way to accelerate this process
  • Our trainers are unique in being experts both in their chosen field and in their ability to educate others

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