How It Works

Oil and Gas Fundamentals delivers a brand new way to get up to speed with the most business-critical and essential areas affecting the industry today.

It does this by delivering exclusive, easy-to-understand content direct to you, in webinar format – which fits around your schedule.

This means instead of you having to find an expert and go to them, they come direct to you – for a fraction of the cost of a physical course, and deliver the content in a more flexible format.

All you need is access to a computer and the internet. You don’t even need a particularly fast internet connection as the content is downloaded rather than streamed live.

But before we begin …


First, here are a few concepts to make sure you understand


Training Series: This is the name given to each group of related training courses. Five individual courses aligned to a related theme (e.g. Asset Integrity) make up a series.

For the most comprehensive learning experience, we recommend you register for the whole series, but each of the courses are separately bookable so if you need quick information fast, you can register separately.

Courses: As we have discovered, a Training Series is made up of five related Courses.

Each Course (e.g. Risk Assessment, Corroson Management, Asset Integrity Implementation, etc) consists of six x 30 minute webinars on a key element of the overall Series theme which promise to deliver the essentials of that given subject in the most effective, efficient manner possible.

Webinar: So, as indicated above, each Course is made up of six 30 minute webinars.

The  webinar is simply the method of delivery of the content from the Course Leader to you and consists of pre-recorded presentation created just for you which you download to your desktop and view when you want, where you want, as many times as you want for up to a year after you register. Think of it as a mini-series on a particular subject with six separate but related ‘episodes’.


Course Clinic: The sixth and final webinar in each course takes the form of a unique course clinic.

The first five webinars consist of the course leader sharing his or her expertise with you in five bite-sized chunks. The sixth webinar in every course is a unique Q&A style session between the Course Leader and the webinar host which i designed to ensure you have fully understood the content within each of the Courses.

This session will allow you the chance to listen to some of the most frequently asked questions on this subject and ensure you are fully up to speed.

If, after viewing each of the webianrs, and listening to the course clinic, you still have questions, you can communicate with your Course Leader via a specially-created e-mail address which will give you a direct line to the presenter and ensure he or she is able to field your individual questions as promptly as possible.




So what do you need to do if you want to take part?


Step 1. Find a Training Series right for you

By clicking on the links for each course on this site, you will get access to all of the information you should need to understand the content and make a decision. Have any further questions? You can always contact our cutomer service team on

Step 2. Decide whether to access the whole series …

For the most comprehensive and value-adding learning experience, we recommend registering for the whole five-Course Training Series, and we have given you an incentive to do so my making this option the most cost-effective – don’t forget you can view the content as many times as you like for up to a year.

… or just one or more of the individual Courses

However, should you wish to focus on just one area for a quick knowledge fix, Oil and Gas Fundamentals is unique in offering access to the individual Courses which make up a Training Series as seperately bookable entities. Pick the Course or Courses you are interested in and write them down.


Step 3. Click ‘REGISTER’ to complete your registration

Registering online takes a maximum of three minutes, is perfectly safe and secure and guarantees you access to the content in the most cost-effective and time-efficient way possible. Want to register for the full Training Series for instance? Simple, select the 5 course option and access the content at the most cost-effective rate.


Step 4. Receive your login details and access information by e-mail

Once your registration is complete, you will receive an immediate e-mail confirmation to confirm your payment. Then, within 24 hours, you will receive a second e-mail giving you your unique login information and sharing details as to how and when you can access your content if you signed up for the full series, or to select your courses if you registered for individual courses.


Step 5: View your content when you like, when you like, for up to a year

Once your content has been broadcast, you will be notified and will be able to view it where you want, when you want for up to a year. You will be able to stop, start, rewind, fast-forward, repeat and replay as many times as you need to ensure you are able to get up to speed by the end of the Course.


Step 6. Receive your Certificate of Professional Development

If you register for a full Series, upon completion, you will qualify for an exclusive Certificate of Professional Development. Each Course has its content and its Certificate accredited and endorsed by the leading professional body in its field, so you know you are also gaining skills, knowledge, and qualifications which will have a direct impact on your continuing professional development.



Any questions? Please feel free to get in touch at and we will be sure to get back to you the very same day.