Your fast-track guide to need-to-know industry essentials

Your fast-track guide to need-to-know industry essentials

The oil and gas business can be incredibly complex, and understanding the key areas within it have never been more important. Oil and Gas Fundamentals delivers a brand new way to get up to speed with the most business-critical areas affecting the industry today via exclusive, easy-to-understand webinars which fit around your schedule.

Today if you want to know the essentials of a new subject, the first place most people turn is to a quick Google search. Invariably, this will throw out a range of sources (of varying quality) which can give you the basics, but can often fall short of giving you a real working knowledge of what are often incredibly complex technical subjects.

So where do you turn if you need more than this broad Google overview? Where can you go if you need a more detailed introduction to a subject, and you need it fast?

Certainly any number of the physical training courses which exist in various areas might fit the bill, but it is becoming increasingly clear that this format is too rigid, too expensive, and not fit for purpose in today’s fast-paced, interconnected world.

That’s why we offer Oil and Gas Fundamentals courses in webinar format: so you don’t have to wait until the next training course comes to your city, so you don’t have to spend two to five days out of the office at a time that might not be possible, and so you don’t have to spend several thousands to do so.

  • A Google search is the best place to start if learning a new subject, but it can only take you so far
  • The biggest limitation of physical training courses is the cost and time, plus the limited availability
  • A Fundamentals course brings the content you need, when you need it, direct to your desktop

Oil and Gas Fundamentals courses are avaiable for you to download at a fraction of the cost of a physical training course, and with none of the disruption to your already busy schedule that taking time out of the office would mean. By bringing the best practice direct to you, rather than you having to come to it, we believe we are able to make a real difference to the industry.

We hope you will agree, and look forward to you joining us on a Fundamentals course very soon.

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